Wednesday, October 31, 2007
T-Mac + Yao = Brady + Moss

I know it's only been one night. And I know there were only 3 games on the NBA schedule. And I know that my 2 biggest dogs played last night. But I destroyed everyone in my league yesterday. Demolished. End of Scarface say hell to my little friend style. The second highest person was 67 1/2 points below me (Fort Greene Leans).

My starting 5?

C - Yao Ming
F - Tracy McGrady
F - LaMarcus Aldridge
G - Tracy McGrady
G - Grant Hill

6th Man - Ronnie Brewer

Yao and T-Mac had a huge night. If it wasn't for Scola only playing 8 minutes and starting Stephen "Lemme Shoot My Pistols Outside This Night Club Even Though I Make $10,000,000 A Year And Miss The First 8 Games Of The Season" Jackson, I would've been #1 in America (currently 354 out of 2,600+). Currently Top 10 In NY State.

Tonight I got a bunch of my second tier players on the court:

F - Bargarni
F - Granger
G - Salmons
G - Greene
C - Gray

Traded bum ass Scola and suspended Jackson. I predict I win my league by a couple thousand points or so and come in top 100 in the world. I'll be keeping you posted. Everyday


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Halloween Blog Report

The World's Most Famous Crip Out To Solve Gang Violence In The U.K.

Top 10 Halloween Rap Without DMX's "Damien"?!?!?!?!?! Hearsay!

This Guy Just Became My New Favorite Blogger...But He's Wrong About T-Mac

Freeway Album Preview

You Know How I Know Your Gay? You Care About Coldplay's Fourth Album

"Her Shoes Straight Was Hooker/Don't Play I Cook Ya/What's Shaking Sugar I'm Getting Cake/Feddi Cheddy Baking Buga"

And That's Just The 1st Four Bars Of Cam'Ron's New Song

Shawn Lucas sells out tour in under a minute! But his album still sucks

Lupe's An 80's Baby & 80's Babies Don't Vote

Lil Cease Designs A New Hat

Polow Da Do...I Mean Jim Jones On The Cover Of Mass Appeal

Look Like A Kanye Knock Off For $24.99!

New Beans & Kels Video...No Homo At The Intro "Maybe You Can Scratch That Itch"

I Called This Single The Day Graduation Leaked


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Saturday, October 27, 2007
Oral Sex, Minors & Videotape
By now you've probably heard about the Genarlow Wilson case. If not, get familiar real quick:

The conviction was based on an amateur video tape showing Wilson engaging in sex with a 17-year-old girl during a private party, and later being offered and receiving oral sex from a 15-year-old girl.The video shows the 17-year-old girl on the bathroom floor, then later having sex with Wilson. She appeared sleepy or intoxicated during the sex act but did not ask Wilson to stop. Waking up naked and disoriented the next morning, she claimed to have been raped. Investigating the alleged rape, police later found condoms and evidence of drinking, as well as the video camera, in the motel room used for the party.

A jury acquitted Wilson of raping the older girl, but convicted him of aggravated child molestation against the 15-year-old. The "aggravated" nature of the charge refers to fellatio (oral sex) rather than a mere "immoral or indecent act." Had the two teenagers had intercourse without oral sex, Wilson would have been charged with a misdemeanor, punishable up to 12-months, with no sex offender status, instead of the mandatory 10-year minimum term that the judge gave him.

And for those who are anti-reading:

Wilson was released yesterday after 2 years in prison. He was released because the state of Georgia found his sentence "unconstitutionally cruel and unusual". I'm happy for Genarlow (what the hell was his mother thinking?!) and all, but then I started to think, "What if I was that girls' father?"

1) His 17 year old daughter is on tape giving oral sex
2) She wasn't exactly "raped" in the traditional sense of the word, so he can only be so angry at Genarlow
3) How do you punish your daughter for something like that?
4) He must've been so embarrassed during that whole trial and police report.

Or even worse, imagine being Genarlow's parents. Losing your child for 2 years. Scary. It just makes me paranoid as a future father. It's a lose lose situation for everybody involved and a valuable lesson that should be learned by all.

No cameras.


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Raping Cashman 'Til He's The $30 Million Man
*Mr. Rodriguez at my office playing me his new single "I Get More Money"

The Yankees are going to offer A-Rod $30 Million per year for him to re-sign this week.

The offer could be for something in the range of five years -- beyond the three years Rodriguez is already under contract for, from 2008-10 -- and perhaps $30 million a year. The highest per-workday salary earned to date is the $28 million Roger Clemens received, in prorated salary, for a little less than four months of work this season. If the Yankees' extension offer is for something in the range of $150 million, over five years, then Rodriguez would be owed about $230 million over the next eight seasons.

I've gotta get my Scott Boras on and rep some players. Rap money done slowed up. I wonder how much Jigga's going to get for his re-up?


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What I Wanna Sign In 2008

This is what I want to be in business with. Uncompromising rap that's just hard, unadulterated dopeness. That 2am-Ima-Cut-Someone-In-This-Club-Gonna-Run-An-Extra-10-Minutes-On-This-Treadmill-Gotta-Whip-His-Ass-When-I-See-Him-Singles. That's what I'm looking to sign in 2008

If you feel me, feel free to add on

*Disclaimer: I wrote this at 5:30am in a Pittsburgh hotel. By the time you read this, I'll be back in Atlanta.

Black Rob "Whoa"
Clipse "Grindin"
Fabolous "Breathe"
Nas "Hate Me Now"
T.I. "What U Know"
Jay-Z - U Don't Know
Playa Circle/Lil Wayne - "Duffle Bag Boy"
Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing"
Game "One Blood"
50 Cent "I Get Money"
Juvenile "Ha"
Rick Ross "Hustlin"
Young Jeezy "Soul Survivor"
Diddy & Biggie "Victory"
Shyne "Bad Boyz"
DJ Khaled "We Takin Over"
Freeway "What We Do"
Diplomats "Dip Set Anthem/I Really Mean It"
Master P "Bout It Bout It"
C-Murder "Down 4 My Niggas"
DMX "Get At Me Dog"
Diddy & The Family "Benjamins"
Dr Dre "Still D.R.E."
Cassidy "Ima Hustla"
Nas "Made You Look"


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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Disturbing Friend Request

Imagine seeing this picture in your friend request log. WTF?!?!?! Is she being held for ransom (no duffel bag)? Who's holding the gun? And why request me when your tagline is "don't need no friends that's wat nigga's 4"? Your nigga's there to hold guns to your face on myspace?!?!

I added her anyway. And you can too!


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Behind The Mood


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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Famous Bog Report 10/18/07

OG Don Juan Polo Don Interview

No One Loves My Baby's Legs More Than Me

Lil' Wayne's New Single Is Crazy


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LeBlog James vs MacBook: Round 2
pic of me kicking the macbook. It should be lucky I don't go T.I.P. on it. No Flash No Bang!

I can't take much more of Mercury Retrograde. It's 1:38am and I'm still in the office because the macbook doesn't work again. More specifically, the keyboard and mouse isn't working. Everything working fine then BAM, everything frozen. If you know why this happens or how to fix it, I'm all ears. God knows I'll be awake! I've been up since 6am! I'm going to the 24 Hour Apple Store to see if they can help. It's a $5 cab ride from the office. My frustration level is at a all-time high. You know the hell I went through the first time around on Thursday. I'm not paying anymore money either. If they tell me anything crazy at Apple, I'm just grabbing the first laptop I see and booking!


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Cam Trades In Lambo For Ford Taurus
Cam's been spotted! More as this story develops!


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Famous Blog Report 10/17/07

My Second Favorite Pair Of J's Are Back!

You Ain't Fly 'Til You Got This On Your Coffee Table

Other Alife Kicks...Thumbs Up! These Ski Joints? Not So Much

Barney Nixon Watches

Nelly Sons KRS-One On Wax Then Puts Him On New Album

Don't Take Style Advice From A Woman Who Sleeps With Flava Flav

Real Nigga Blog!

Foxy's Pyscho Ass Pleads Not Guilty

JD's Book Party....ZzzZZZZZZzzzZzz

The Teflon Don With The Guy He Punched In The Face

Hip Hop vs America on Clifford

My Dedication To Laura London... Luv Ya Baby


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I Just Gave This Guy $8,000,000
October 17th is the first day you're allowed to sign rookies in my fantasy basketball league. I've done some heavy Isiah-ing around since starting on Sunday and I don't mean sexually harassing ugly co-workers. The biggest move is signing Kevin Durant for $8 million. Now 8 milly is expensive, but he guy has a huge chip on his shoulder coming into this season. For one, the skeptics were hating on the late-80's Baby in training camp. Coach K kicked him off the summer USA team. And his better half, Greg Oden, is out for the season, leaving all the pressure on Kevin. Last time a rookie had this much weight on his shoulder, Nike made a family out of him. Durant is the future. NBA's Lil' Weezy. He has that intro-of-Belly-Nas-and-Dmx-glow-in-the-dark-contacts look in his eye. And that's why I gave him all that money. Here's what my starting line-up looks like as of 10:42am:

G- Tracy McGrady
G- Kevin Durant
F- Steven Jackson
F- LaMarcus Aldridge
C- Tyson Chandler

But don't worry. I really am signing an artist today too. Just not for $8,000,000. Not even a 1/10th of that.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Blogging? My Job...Signing Artists? The Side Hustle


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Famous Blog Report 10/16/07

Sidekick 4? Video Sidekicks? Awwww Shit

Lil' Wayne on American Gangster? Brooklyn 2.0??? I'll Believe It When I See It


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"You Aint Gonna Announce My Afterparty?!?!?!?!"

All Dwayne "Hove" McKenzie gets is Rodney Dangerfield.

First he's robbed in August for 50's, I mean his $100,000 chain in front of a club. The judge felt bad for Hove so they didn't prosecute, just took away his gun license. Then October 10th, McKenzie argues with a Hartford promoter at a different club over a after party shout-out. Assumably still angry over the summer mugging, he (allegedly) pistols whips the promoter and tells him to "call the cops," before getting into his SUV and speeding off. Four days later, 5-0 "stopped McKenzie in downtown Hartford on an unrelated weapons charge", search his 2007 Cadillac Escalade and find 2 guns. He appeared in court yesterday on some T.I.-ish charges.

McKenzie's lawyer, Gerald M. Klein, was even dumbfounded: "I am surprised. I thought he was going to be a one-shot client. He did not have a criminal record and had one year of college," Klein told the Hartford Courant.

Free Clifford, Hove, Earl Simmons, Tiny, Bandana P, Cam'Ron (where ever he is), Shyne........


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Monday, October 15, 2007
Famous Blog Report 10/15/07
pic courtesy of

Lil' Kim Shows Who's The Freakiest On "Freaky Gurl Remix"...

...But Tiny Takes Away Kim's Crown For Most Gangsta Ride Or Die Bitch

VH1 Cancels Nalis (tm) Reality Show

These Alife Bally's Are Just Silly Fly

When All Else Fails, Blame Rap

Horrific Halloween Nikes


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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Getting My Isiah On

I get violently jealous on Sundays. Watching my friends on their laptops while simultaneously keeping one eye on the flat screen makes me sick. While they get their Jerry Jones on every down, I just sit there stuck on stupid in my Devin Hester jersey. Looking over their shoulders, I ask helplessly how their players are doing. Did you start Thomas or James? How did Farve do today? But the question I should be asking myself: Why didn't I sign up for fantasy football this year?!

Well this 80's Baby isn't about to make the same mistake twice. Just signed up for Sporting News Fantasy Basketball, Isiah-ing my own team named "The Secret Agents". My mentor Hip-Hop put me to the league, which gives you a $50,000,000 salary cap and 4 trades per month. There are 4 forwards, 4 guards and 2 centers on every squad. That's an average of $5 mil per player. Here's my team:

1st Team
G- Tracy McGrady
G- Grant Hill

F- Gerald Green
F- Stephan Jackson

C- Tyson Chandler

2nd Team
G- Rajon Rondo
G- Randy Foye

F- Channing Fyre
F- Cedric Simmons

C- Jamal Magloire


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Mercury Retrograde

Ah ha! Maybe it's not Apple's fault.

My GFFL Annie explained to me that technology, and everything else for that matter, goes crazy during Mercury Retrograde. And that my laptop imploded the first day of the third cycle. Now I'm not exactly Mr. Astrology, but there has to be some reasoning behind my mysterious MacBook crash. Here's some details I stole from google:

Here we go again... Mercury goes retrograde once again. It happens 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time is from June 16 to July 10, 2007. Next, from October 11 to November 1, 2007. And then from January 28 to February 18, 2008.

This is an important period, and we should be aware of the effects associated with this astrological influence. Since it is so often, we must learn what it means and how to take advantage of it.

Astronomical background

There is no real backwards movement of Mercury; it's just that we see it this way from Earth, because of the combined movement of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun. However, astrologically this is very relevant.

General influence of Mercury retrograde

Mercury rules over the mind's processes, studying, communication, businesses, travels and the like. When Mercury reverses its direction, all these areas are affected as well.

The mind turns naturally inwards and people tend to analyze more the own thoughts and follow the common thinking patterns, rather then be curious and eager of new intellectual experiences or challenges. This helps the meditation or the thorough lonely long-term study of a specific matter, but it affects the study of new subjects, the communication with the others, the attention oriented outwards.

Businesses, travels and communications tend to experience delays and different problems. Computers and other processes that work with information may experience crashes, unexpected failures.

Don't enroll to courses, don't buy expensive Mercurian items (books, cars, mobile phones etc.), don't sign important contracts and do not marry.

You read the last line. Sorry ladies.


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Saturday, October 13, 2007
When A MacBook's Fed Up

5:57am, Thursday October 11th 2007

Woke up and had the worst morning of my (recently converted to) Apple life. It started by rolling around bed, trying to hit the snooze button on the Sportscenter themed Blackberry wake up alarm. Still slightly hungover from Pinot Grigio, I notice my black MacBook laid lifelessly on my pillow. How did it get there? Did I fall asleep watching American Gangster youtube trailers again? Why does this stupid wheel keep spinning? Turn it off and on? What if I re-connect it the charger? Is this shit broken? Of course not. Mac's don't break or crash. They're like Chevy Trucks. I'll just wait it out.


I've come to the painful realization this laptop's not going to start. An Atlantic session starts at 12:30pm and all the music is trapped behind this power tripping digital beach ball. Mac's don't crash my ass...Pause! What the hell am I going to do? Call my assistant Sade! She can fix everything.


She gives me two options: Tristatetek on W. 35th Street and New York Computer Help on E.35th. The former turns out to be some hole in the wall mickey mouse operation. The office line is linked to the sole proprietors cell phone, and wants me to leave the laptop next door with his fashion designer neighbor. No one's even here! Needless to say, I supermanned into a yellow cab to NY Computer Help. Although this only turned out to be the lesser of two evils.


This guy is the real life 40-year-old virgin. Let's call him "Sam" for now. Him and his partner are in this 15 x 9 foot room covered floor to floor with computer parts. Sam tells me that my harddrive is shot and I need to leave it here with them. They'll charge me $85 per hour plus $135 for a new hard drive plus installation. Pay for it now? They'll "hear none of it. Just leave it here Mr. Medford, we'll call you before noon with all the information. You'll definitely have it back today. Just make sure you go to the Mac Store and get a OS Tiger system." All smiles between Sam and I.


I decided to buy an external hard drive so this doesn't happen again. The problem is no one in PC Richards seems to want my business. They're all trying to sell higher priced items like cameras and laptops. There are literally no salespeople on the 2nd floor, which is the size of a basketball court. I walked around begging, pleading and threatening employees to open up the glass hard drive case. Finally a security guard has pity and gets me the My Book. When I tell the cashier that it's crazy for their to be no employees upstairs, she hands me a job application. I get the hell out of there and grab a yellow to Prince and Greene.


I'm at the restaurant where I spend roughly 6% of my life, The Coffee Shop, when it hits me: Sam still hasn't called. Surely he's been too pre-occupied getting my files back to call. So I'll give him a ring. "Hey Randall, everything is good. Though you won't get back any of my files. For that, you'll need to pay an extra $150 for it to go into the lab. From there they'll tell me what's wrong and charge me between $1400-$2000. Or more." WTF?! Lunch is over. Flying back to East 35th Street before these guys try and stick me up.


Sam calmly explains that it took 30 minutes to install the hard drive. Sam then offers to install the OS Tiger Mac software for me. Right before I gave him my credit card, I realized they're trying to charge me $85 an hour to install a CD. When I decide to install it myself, he tells me the hard drive installation took 2 hours and my bill is over $300. After some clever negotiation ("I'm not paying for no 2 hours! You said 30!"), Sam and I come to a reasonable compromise. It's off to the studio.


I arrive at SMT Studios and of course the writer's running late. And now my CD drive won't work, so I can't install the software. In the studio laptop-less, music-less and write-less, I call Sade. She tells me about Tek Serve. They charge me $269.95 for a new CD drive including installation. I can pick it up at 8pm. Tek Serve offers to install the OS Tiger system for $5o extra. But I already paid $129.99 for the disk at the Mac Store. I tell Tek Serve yes and decided to handle my issues with the Prince & Greene later. My will is broken.


What they didn't say is that the store closes AT 8pm. Now this punk ass $9 a hour security guard wont let me in. He keeps pointing at the sign that says "9am-8pm". Then super cop closes the gate. I walk back to the studio dejected. But this fight isnt over, Apple. I'll see you an 9am!

10:22am, Friday October 12th 2007

Sade informs me that Tek Serve doesn't allow pick ups until 10am. I walk in there defeated, tired and $600-$700 in the hole. I just want my laptop. They give it to me without any programs or files. It's like getting your child back, only for her to have amnesia. I hop the F train uptown 3 stops to the office. Got to figure out a way to refund this software, even though it's been opened it already.


I stroll around the Mac Store looking for revenge. Armed with a jeans jacket, Yankee fitted and some Burberry dunks, I look for the weakest salesperson. I flirt with a cute puerto rican floor person, who says she cant help me but introduces me to the assistant manager. The assistant manager says it's "against store policy to return open software". I politely ask to speak to his superior. One rule of life: never take a no to someone who can't say yes. He introduces me to "Ari", the boss hog outlaw of Prince Street. Ari reiterates Apple's policy. My only counter is "I don't understand" 35 times in a row.

"You cant return open software"
"I don't understand"
"We have no way of telling if it's used or not"
"I don't understand"
"You have to take this up with corporate"
"I don't understand"
"It says it on your receipt"
"Well Ari, what would you do if you were me?"
"I don't know"
"You're sayign I should sell it on eBay"
"Not legally"
"But I can legally sell it?"
"I can't say that"
"Well what should I do?"
"Ok fine! Take my card and tell them I said it's ok"


To Be Continued


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"You Aint Gonna Let Me In?!?!?!"

The NYC club scene has gotten out of control. For a black man to get in a decent party, he needs to:

Then they have the nerve to play hip hop all!?! So I don't blame these guys for going all Jack The Ripper on the bouncer.

"Bottle service? Hold that!"


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