Thursday, July 31, 2008
Slim Of 112 Video for "So Fly"!!!!!!


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Blog Report 8/1/08
Shiny Olympic Dunks (Sorry for the bland description)
via High Snobiety

Rich Hil Put Me On To This Store Aloha Rag...Very Ill
via Complex

New Sidekick For My 90s Babies (or 21 + Unders)
via Notcot

Needs A Remix Video With Cassie + Rihanna
via Kanye's Blog

How Easy Is It 2 Steal A Bike In NYC? Just As Easy To Get Pulled Over Riding One
via This Is 50

Air Obama Tees
via William YAN

12 Most Embarrassing Exposures In Hip Hop...I Didn't Make The List
via The Rap Up

Fly Video! Chromeo Video for "Momma's Boy"
via Rcrd Lbl

Back To The Future Hoverboard!
via High Snobiety

This Is Why Rihanna > Cassie All Day
via ATL Night Spots


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Thank God For Cassie
And Marcus Troy for the scans. He got the alternate cover as well on his blog. I can't put this one into words. Love her skinny ass. Not as much as Rih RIh, but damn close! NERD + Lupe is on the other covers..but who cares when you got this!


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25,000 Uniques!

Woo Hoo! Thanks everyone for reading! 25,000 people came through this month and checked in 40,000 times. I don't really promote the blog so I'm amped Let's look at this month's highlights:

First To Rock Dr. Dre Headphones (Before Lebron!)

Joined Twitter

Found A Bunch Of Fly Blogs

My Fav Sexy Darkskindedededed Sisters

7 Cops Gave Me A Summons Over A Bicycle

Helped Break Ghostblogging

Got A Shout Out From Max B

Saw Max B Get Shot At

Broke My Blackberry

Found Pastor Betha In Atlanta

Found My Fav Fitted In Atlanta

Shot My 1st Music Video

Got Exposed

Thanks to all who read or give me content: Necole, Eskay, Herfection, Rihanna, Nerd @ The Cool Table, Marcus Troy, The Whole Firm, Zilla, Candy, Saks Fifth Steph and everyone else who reads this poor excuse for a blog


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Sickamore Exposed!

First Ross. Then Plies. Now me.

Senior Famous Firm Rep Phella has attempted to "expose" me by uploading photoshopped photos to his blog . He claims it's from a early 2005 Scratch Magazine photoshoot, but clearly can't produce scans of the original magazine as proof. Here's my official statement:

"I laugh at the bloggers. Haha. Laugh. My whole life is real. Nothing is fabricated. They use photoshop to superimpose my 19 year old face on some cornball's body. Life is better when you're famous. This is just a part of the game. My real readers won't pay this any mind."

The Famous Firm

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My Day In 100 Words Or Less
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5:45am. Chicago. Blackberry. Chargeless. Dead. Contacts. Gone. Traffic. O'Hare. Arrive. 9:08pm. Gate. Far. Flight. 9:35pm. Delayed. Starbucks. Arnold. Palmer. Call. Firm. Photoshoot. 4pm. JFK. Bound. Land. 12:45pm. LIRR. Flatbush. Taxi. Barber. 2:15pm. One. Head. Ahead. Pause. Wait. Patient. Leave. Roti. Sorrell. Back. Wait. Frustrated. Wait. Annoyed. Wait. Finally. 3:45pm. Time. Gone. Cut? No. Tape-Up. Home. 4:18pm. Marlins. Fitted. Dolphins. Colors. ill. Oxford. White. Pumas. Blackberry. Refurbished. Train. Fast. Train. Breaks. Wait. 5:30pm. Blogs. Shoot. Radio. City. Arrive. Everyone. >:-/. Me. :-/. Flick. Flick. Click. Click. Over. 9:00pm. Firm. Happy. Scratch. Funny. Starbucks. Again. Coffee. Shop. Sobriety. Blogs. Again. Gnight.


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
NYC Cops Don't Care About Bike People Pt 2
This cops vs bikes thing is getting out of hand. First 7 cops vs me now this guy
via This Is 50


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I Put On For My Firm

5:58am, Central Time
Drake (Old Head) Hotel, Chicago

-Back in NYC for the first time since Friday afternoon. Spend Friday through Monday in Atlanta and a quick detour in Chicago. I'm good on the road; doesn't take much for me to hit a plan and Mariano a deal real quick. But I'm happy to head home. Even if it's only for a couple days (DC-Maryland-Virginia on Friday)
-Today we're doing a huge photoshoot for The Famous Firm. Not a client, but the actual members of The Firm. Got the reps in from DC + Ohio. Won't discuss the theme, but it's ill, not sick

-I paid the price for not switching over to the iPhone. I let you talk me out of it. Now the bitch stopped charging. And is still trackball-less. Very depressing. Bet that wouldn't happen with a 3G
-Went to the beach @ Lake Michigan. Didn't hit Harold's though
-Jay-Z should do a remix go every Jeezy song. The Corporate Thugz get him to talk that shit
-That's all for now. Headed to O'Hare

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Monday, July 28, 2008
Guess Where I'm Going Tomorrow

if you dont know by now I'm talking 'bout Chi-Town


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Esso's New Incredible Freestyle
Mickey just sent me the latest Incredible Freestyle; this time starring Esso

Esso - Incredible Freestyle


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Blog Report 7/28/08
Articulate - Mr Carter (Dedication to Fathers)
via Me
Download HERE

Ludacris Gangsta Grizzillz
via Mikey McFly

Ciara's Coming Back For Rih Rih's Spot
via SmartenUpNas

I Love This Girl Chanta Patton...No Berg
via 2 Dope Boyz

Officer Ross' Amusement Park
via ItsTheReal

Rick Ross' Land of Make Believe from jeff on Vimeo.

Plies Not Going To Jail Until Recently = Not Real? GTFOH!
via Hip Hop DX


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The Art Of Lip Singing (Warning: I'm Bored!)

The Art Of Lip Singing by Sickamore from Sickamore on Vimeo.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Harlem Wants To Smack Bill Clinton's Kufi Off

"Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88," Clinton said at a rally in Columbia. "Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here."

Thought Harlem forgot?

via NY Times

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Lavender Pelican With A Yellow Bill
Copped via New Era Store, Atlanta


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Saturday, July 26, 2008
Wi-Fi In The Whip Without Crashing It


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Blog Report 7/26/08
This Aint My Crib...This Is Real Life!
via Saks Fifth Steph

Backpacks, Books + Buckets Should Be The Name Of My Life Story
via High Snobiety

The Cold War Kids - Something's Not Right With Me

The Marcus Troy Movement Hits LA
via Marcus Troy

Tell Ya Girlfriend To Come Talk With My Dog!
via TrendHunter

BB Bold 9000 Video
via Eighty81

My Homegirl Amanda Diva's Night Flights
via 2 Dope Boyz

Download Here

via The Superficial


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Friday, July 25, 2008
Incredible Book! "SWAY: The Irresistable Pull Of Irrational Behavior"
Read 60% on the flight. Review coming soon


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It's Over For That G-Shock
via William Yan via Marcus Troy


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Statue Of Limitations On Pussy?

Our friend over @ Naked With Socks On came up with another genius concept. Statue of Limitations on sex. For example, if I cheated 5 years ago and you find out today, it's too late to hold it against me. You should have Joey Greco'ed it back then. I'm going to write Obama and see if this can make it to Congress:

No man (or woman) should be held accountable for old pussy (or dick) unless said individual is still in a relationship with or married to the partner that was cheated on. In all other cases, there will be a 3-7 year grace period on bringing said wayward pussy (or dick) up in an argument to hold over the cheater's head. The official grace period will fluctuate and be determined based on 1) the amount of time the couple was together 2) How far along into the relationship the cheating actually occurred 3) How long the couple has been apart 4) How many repeat infractions the cheater had. Once the approved time period has passed, the cheatee has no right to bring up old ass shit to start an argument about said wayward pussy (or dick), as the statute of limitations has expired and all cheaters have been vindicated on a technicality. The only loophole is if the cheater has professed his/her love to the cheatee and has engaged in sexual acts with the cheatee within the past 9 months. In that case, the cheatee has the right to have the wayward pussy (or dick) brought before a board of their peers for discussion.

To see where this post stemmed from, click here or here or here or anywhere in the above text

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Thursday, July 24, 2008
A Very British Gangster Movie Review

I'm a very typical 23 year old man. A movie called "Very Gangster" anything gets my 10 bucks. Went to Cinema Village last night to catch this import.

Just be warned: this isn't your Casino/American Gangster/Goodfellas kind of flick. It's a documentary following around Dominick Noonan, Brixtown's version of Tony Soprano. He extorts and owns a security business. Has a bunch of 17-21 year old flunkies following him around and a big brother with over 20 known murders under his belt.

They follow Noonan around the town where he plays intermediary to domestic disputes, debt collectors and overzealous robbers. Sort of a town hero. SPOILER ALERT!
The weirdest part about the movie is Dominick's openly gay. "A little bit of lavender" as they said. They get into too much detail of how this came about. Besides that, he's your typical gangster with 2 kids.

Overall, I recommend you wait AVBG is released on Demand. I fell asleep about 3 times.

Rating: C-

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Blog Report 7/24/08
What Have I Gotten Myself Into
via Questionable Content

This Stitching Is Just Crazy
via High Snobiety

Blimpie vs Subway
via Naked With Socks On

Punch Her In The Face + Pour Gasoline On Her = She Loves U
via WorldStarHipHop

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DJ Khaled's Most Annoying Moments...How'd They Forget The 106 & Park Interview?
via Complex

MacBook Touch? Owwwww
via Gizmodo

Golly He's Gully Look At His Gucci Galoshes
via Marcus Troy

More Rick Ross Pictures (Hilarious!)
via Real Talk NY


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