Saturday, November 29, 2008
Charles Barkley Is Right

I like Cleveland. The city has treated me well the 4 times I've been there. They love their Browns (even Braylon Edwards). They love their Indians no matter how many times they lose. But they absolutely worship Lebron James. And that's why I believe Charles Barkley is right.

"If I was LeBron James, I would shut the hell up."

"The outside forces should never affect your locker room," Barkley said. "I think LeBron has made some of the right comments, but he hasn't made the perfect comment. He still alienated 11 guys in his locker room. What I mean by that, he hasn't said, "We are 12-3 right now" we are a championship-caliber team and we are going to win multiple championships here while I'm here, period, end of story."
It's what everyone in Cleveland was thinking but everyone was too scared to say. Didn't want to piss the king off. But it's a reality check from an NBA old head. I don't believe Sir Charles was being malicious or "stupid", as LBJ says. He's just looking out for a fellow future legend.

Now with that being said, 2010 can't get here fast enough! Let's go Knicks!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008
Jamal Crawford Wishes Ray Allen A Happy Thanksgiving

via SmartenUpNas

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
LeBron Showcasing For New York Last Night

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Monday, November 24, 2008
Best McDonalds Ad Ever

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She's Like Che Guevara With Heels On In Complex

via Necole Bitchie via Complex


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'06 Scratch Magazine Article Talking About Artist Development
Scratch Magazine 2006. Shout out to Aaron of The Famous Firm for the find.


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My entry at this new site WordsFrom. Very ill concept. Got very personal as well. You can see that more on the site. Shouts to Saint

Going to walk home today. Get some time to reflect. Never really get a chance to do that. Not since this whole thing started:

Business wise?

Dropped my 1st mix tape in stores November 10th, 2001 at the ripe age of 16. Opened my record store that February 2002. DJ Action Pac gave me a “mixtape deal” with Get Money Nation soon after. Graduated high school that June. Started Hunter College that August. Dropped out that November.. Nominated for Justo’s Mixtape Rookie of the Year that December. Congrats Big Mike. First A&R job March 2003 at Beat Street Records. Flew out to do tapes with Snoop that May. Came back in time to meet Just Blaze on the Roc The Mic Tour that summer. Brought him Saigon that winter. Won Justo’s Best Mixtape Personality Award 2004 Worked all 2004 on the Greatest Story Never Told. Bunch of press and accolades for the combination. Got signed to Atlantic that November. Just jerked me out of any money. Coldest winter ever. But Annie made warm cookies. Wrote my company business plan on her couch. Showed the plan to a indie label. Then Tru Life. Started rocking then boom! Record deal with Roc La Familia that May 2005. Through a big company release party July 19th, 2005. Just Blaze DJed. Built a great rapport with my soon to be mentor Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua. Flew all around the country scouting talent. Then Hop asked me if I’d be interested in a A&R job at Atlantic. Shiiiii. 1st day on the job March 1st 2006. Director of A&R. Figured I’d stay for 2 years started blogging at Signed Wynter that same fall. Slowed down on my business at the time. Realized that I couldn’t move as fast in the corporate world. But Gee, Jean and Darrale made me feel at home. Joey IE then showed me more on how to be an executive. Lived in Atlanta for a while. But the major label life wasn’t for me. Like to move fast. They weren’t putting my albums out. Plotted the Famous Firm model for 6 months. Stopped blogging for XXL. Started Pulled a Jerry McGuire Feb 15th 2008. Started the company with whoever believed the vision. Got Slim signed to Asylum. Gained some Firm members, lost some Firm members. “So Fly” becomes a hit that summer. Life’s better then the cold ‘05 winter. Colin Munroe looks to be a great follow up success. Along with Rich Hil. The Insomniaks. Neako. New partners. Familiar faces. Turning The Firm from representation to a full fledged Talent (not record) label in 2009.

Personal side?



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Jeezy Shot Videos To All My Favorite Recession Songs
I don't remember the last time someone shot videos to every song I loved off of their album.

First he makes "Put On" a single

Then did a look for my ringtone for 2 months, "Vacation"

Young Jeezy [Vaccation] from urban art on Vimeo.

Did "Crazy World" for the election/hood

Shot "My President Is Black" over the weekend

And rumored to have shot the car crashing "Who Dat"

I can now say, without any trepidation, Young Jeezy is my new favorite rapper

What videos would you want your favorite rapper to shoot?

My Vote: Jay-Z "Can I Live". Always wanted a video for that. Also "Blaze A 50"


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My Girl Rocks A Eyepatch, Shows Off Her Pair...of AMAs


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Gym Class Superheros


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It Must Be The.....Shoes

via O's blog who's not bad herself


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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Max Bigg....Err...Bloomberg!
via RealTalkNY


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This Better Work Walsh

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Saturday, November 22, 2008
Brandon Roy Does Matt Barnes Filthy (Makes Him Fall)

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Friday, November 21, 2008
Inspiration #1 for '09, Obama....Inspiration #2, Her


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Giants, Role Models, Slim & Sway (My Week Ths Far In Pictures)
SUNDAY: Game Day

Sunday Nicole's homegirl surprised us with tickets to the Giants vs Ravens game. It was BRICK out there, but I'd never been to a football game in my life. So it was def worth it.

Girls getting ready for gametime


Nachos, Nic & Sin

Talkin shit via Twitter @jemeeleighty81

Old heads get excited easily

More Giant Old Heads

Old Heads Everywhere

MONDAY: Sway 5 Year Anniversary

I've been going to this party for 3 of the 5. God bless Roxy

The DJ had a spark when he started...

2 of my favorite women: Cottaintail & Estelle

It Must Be The Hair

2/3rds of B+C

Me, my beard, Dice $ and his friend

I'm into this

So many things wrong with this shirt

TUESDAY: Slim Album Dropped! Very excited because it's the 1st project The Famous Firm signed, A&Red and Branded. The key is BRANDED. Mark by words that's the future

Sean & Phella copped theirs:

WEDNESDAY: Nothing really eventful happened Wednesday. But the downtime gave me a chance to realize how TERRIBLE I did in Fantasy Football last week. First Jameel wiped the floor with me

Then I pick a bunch of underdogs and lose BIGTIME. Its over for those underdogs. Rolling with the winners this week.

THURSDAY: 106 & Park! Slim premiered "Good Lovin" as the new joint of the day. Shout out to Va$htie for directing a dope video. Here's some behind the scenes looks

Also went to see Role Models. By rating? B+. Very funny. Here's some clips:

Will be back Monday for a weekend update

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Thursday, November 20, 2008
New Slim Video!!! f/ Fab & R. Les directed by Va$htie


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
I Want This Whip...NOW

shout out to Icadon and Sharra

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My Wife Wearing Gucci...She Match My Fly

spotted via F.Luxury.B

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Just Blaze + Nike = Yessir
via Yellow Rebel


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
No Homo, Doggie
spotted via Nerd At The Cool Table

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"Me...Kobe...Lebron...we're in another stratosphere" - Steve Nash

"Me...Kobe...Lebron...we're in another stratosphere"

"When you think of MJ, wht's the first thing that comes to your mind? Me"

"I hear people talk about me so much and I forget...I really am great"

"I'm just like you, but 10x better"

"People say 'hey you don't wanna swim with sharks', but I'm faster than sharks"

"Why do companies ask me to push products? Because I move products"

This is classic

spotted @ the downtown's sweetheart's blog


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I've Been Loving You, But....

Great pieces of art from . Feel free to add your own, like "I love you, but you're a robocop"

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