Wednesday, October 17, 2007
I Just Gave This Guy $8,000,000
October 17th is the first day you're allowed to sign rookies in my fantasy basketball league. I've done some heavy Isiah-ing around since starting on Sunday and I don't mean sexually harassing ugly co-workers. The biggest move is signing Kevin Durant for $8 million. Now 8 milly is expensive, but he guy has a huge chip on his shoulder coming into this season. For one, the skeptics were hating on the late-80's Baby in training camp. Coach K kicked him off the summer USA team. And his better half, Greg Oden, is out for the season, leaving all the pressure on Kevin. Last time a rookie had this much weight on his shoulder, Nike made a family out of him. Durant is the future. NBA's Lil' Weezy. He has that intro-of-Belly-Nas-and-Dmx-glow-in-the-dark-contacts look in his eye. And that's why I gave him all that money. Here's what my starting line-up looks like as of 10:42am:

G- Tracy McGrady
G- Kevin Durant
F- Steven Jackson
F- LaMarcus Aldridge
C- Tyson Chandler

But don't worry. I really am signing an artist today too. Just not for $8,000,000. Not even a 1/10th of that.


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