Thursday, January 31, 2008
When My Girl Go, On World Tour...
rih milk

My girl's down the block right now signing autographs at H&M on 51st and 5th. We're going to have a long talk about this tour when she's done.

kanye Tour

I don't really trust Kanye. He might bring out my twin brother Chris Breezy on some dates.

But between me and you, I'ma hit the streets while she's gone. There's a lot of other woman who need my undivided lightskin attention, love and care. Like:

-Make up with my ex-wife
-Angela Lola Luv
-Necole Bitchie (Can't seem to find a clear photo of her though...hmmmm)
-Janelle Monae
-Erykah Badu

But I still love my girl. Here's my daily tribute baby.

rih zebra
rih pop bottles
rih smiles
rih glasses


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Monday, January 28, 2008
Blog Report 1/28/08
Lil Wayne Performs In Arizona

Jadakiss "Roc Boys" Freestyle

"People Like Murder You Got Shot In The Head? I Said Yeah But It Don't Feel Like It Cause I Aint Dead"

Jordan Carmine VI

Blason Video

Daily Rihanna Tribute


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Jordan Year: Week 4
Daily Regiment
1 Win. 6 Loss
Overall Record: 15-12

jordan phil

I felt like the Miami Heat last week. My team hasn't been playing up to their potential and it starts in the locker room. But unlike Pat Riley, I've made a few changes.

What's to blame for all the losses is "activity vs accomplishment". When I write out my lists at the end of the night, it's based solely on accomplishments. I found myself being too "active".

But this week I'm making big announcement.

World Tour
In Indianapolis Monday I linked up with my man DJ Wrekk One.
Wrekk One
Wrekk, Travis (Neako's manager) and I really got a chance to build about the project. But after we left the radio station, it was good night Irene. That city is dead on a Monday.

We got in the first thing smoking and hit Chi-Town. The home of Obama, Oprah, Kanye and the guy who this post is named after. Had a deep dish at Gordano's.
Deep Dish

I like Chicago. It reminds me of NYC. But unlike Gotham City, it has a culture that's still all it's own. I drove through every neighborhood, every side. It's def a place I have to go for like a week.

Got some Gucci playing cards for Christmas. So I whip them out and play poker against friends, associates and complete strangers at every opportunity. Here's some footage against "Balkan Beats" in the Chicago Sheraton. All in with a 4 of diamonds and 9 of hearts:

Rambo = The Worst Movie Of 2008. Why?
-Enemy has a machine gun? Rambo has his bow and arrow. Grenades? Bow and arrow. Time to go fishing in the river? Bow and arrow. Rocket launchers? Grenades? No, Rambo just needs a bow and arrow to take all that shit on. GTFOH
-Every woman in the movie is savagely raped except for the star white American woman. GTFOH
-It really should be called "Rambo: Sucker For Love". He kills about 400 natives, rides a boat 10 miles upstream and gets shot all over some chick who doesn't even give him a peck on the cheek. He's not being patriotic or fight for honor. It's all over some broad.

I took these DVDs on the road with me: Godfather, Godfather II, aforementioned Donnie Brasco and Reservoir Dogs, The Firm and Lord Of War.

Fantasy Basketball
Rank Team Name Last Total Points Back
1 The Secret Agents 194.5 14874
2 I Can Make You Second 180.5 13867.5 -1006.5
3 Ft. Greene Leans 145 13811 -1063
4 RichmanRams 121 12977 -1897
5 Memphis Pros 178 12295 -2579
6 King Day Shooters 183.5 11840 -3034
7 Goon Squad 201 10342 -4532
8 It's Wynter Time! 222 9352.5 -5521.5
9 COACH K ALL STARS 126 9081 -5793
10 Young Rich & Famous 125 8977.5 -5896.5
11 The Underdogs 141.5 8837 -6037

It's not even fun anymore. I'm beating Ralph and I Can Make You Second by over 1000 points each. They refuse to acknowledge my basketball related emails. You can't challenge Bruce Lee to a kick boxing match and get mad when he knocks your teeth out.

Current Line Up

G - Deron Williams
G - Sam Cassell
G - Nate Robinson
G - Anthony Carter
F - Caron Butler
F - Gerald Wallace
F - Jason Richardson
F - David West
C - Sean Williams
C - Tyson Chandler

Currently reading Getting Things Done and Mastering The Rockefeller Habits. The Rockefeller helps with the organization of my Firm, but Getting Things Done helps me organize my life. I recommend the latter to everyone.


Yes We Can! Young Kennedy has all the momentum going into Super Tuesday after South Carolina. Word to Caroline.


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Saturday, January 26, 2008
Obama Slams Hillary's Head Into A Pole In SC
The fight is at 2-2. Feel free to caption these photos.

White Babies
Black Babies


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Monday, January 21, 2008
Prince Akeem Is A Prophet


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Jordan Year: Week 3 Review
Daily Regiment
6 Wins. 1 Loss
Overall Record: 14-6


Will update this part once I hit Indianapolis. Right now, I'm in the airport and want a shave :-/

From: Sickamore's Dad
Sent: Mon 1/21/2008 8:29 AM
To: Sickamore
Subject: Re: Giants!!!!!

This is why you become a fan. This is the biggest single-season redemption I've ever witnessed and I've been a rabid sports fan for four decades. Even the Knicks' run to the NBA finals in 1999 was not as big a comeback story as the 2007-08 Giants. The Giants have a much better shot to win it all than the Knicks did.

Fantasy Basketball
1st Place

----- Original Message -----
From: Sickamore
To: Ralph
Cc: I Can Make You Second
Sent: Sun Jan 20 08:52:41 2008
Subject: Let's Go Giants! But...

You're 924 Points're going under this week....I don't even know what a shinebox is but I'm ordering on for you this week and goldplating + engraving your name in it

Sickamore's E-Mail appears courtesy of his Sickberry

Life On The Road
Writing half this blog from a Pittsburgh hotel room another the latter half from a Cleveland airport. Shout to my co-defendent Trav, everyone I met at the Pittsburgh Awards, Sunset Lounge + Club Shadows(both Cleveland), Mick Boogie, Terry Urban, Sean Beauford, G-Spot, DJ Steph Floss, DJ fate, KickDrums, Club Cyrus, Sean Collins, Club Lucid (Pittsbirgh), Gorilla Zoe, Big Meech, Freezie, Owey, Mike Admani, C. Los from Warner Brothers, Mano y Mano, Wiz Khalifia, DJ Blacksteele, Animal Steele, Sterling Brilliant, Sadeinian Tomlinson, S-Money, Hardcore Ent and teh 2 racist hillbillies on the plane. Next stop, Wrekk One in Indianapolis.

Airport Carts
I ODed with these. I should've been taking them sooner.

Nothing in the theater, but I picked up 2 classics on the road that I've NEVER SEEN.
Donnie Brasco

Feel free to recommend obscure movies you think I should see.


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Shit talking vs Candy on BB Messenger:

Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Giants!
Ok Randall, You Win: Wanna bet?
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Yeeeep
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: 50 bucks
Ok Randall, You Win: Ok
Ok Randall, You Win: Bet
Ok Randall, You Win: I'll buy a round of drinks for my friends with that 50. Thanks!
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: I'll buy books!
Ok Randall, You Win: Go old head!
Ok Randall, You Win: Clearly favre isn't that old... What with leading his team to the superbowl and whatnot
Ok Randall, You Win: Lead them to #2 in the nfc
Ok Randall, You Win: Sheer luck on eli's part that ur here.
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: You know how I know the Giants are going to win?
Ok Randall, You Win: In ur fantasy
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Because last week you were cheering for Bob Sanders + The Bob Sanders is home
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: You're a jinx
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Like that guy in Bronx Tale
Ok Randall, You Win: U know how I know that's not true?
Ok Randall, You Win: Colts lost every time I didn't watch the game
Ok Randall, You Win: Didn't watch last week, didn't watch when they lost to the chargers the first time
Ok Randall, You Win: I'm C to the colts sonny!
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: C, that faux fan-dom is the reason they lost
Ok Randall, You Win: One, I never do faux... Always real! And two, ur just talkin shit cause that's what u do so I'm going to disregard that comment.
Ok Randall, You Win: ;)
Ok Randall, You Win: We'll see who's talkin after this old head serves eli... Pause
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: 3-0
Ok Randall, You Win: We just started honey buns
Ok Randall, You Win: Relax
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Punt
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Ur prob not watching
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Cuz the packers are sucking
Ok Randall, You Win: I am watching.
Ok Randall, You Win: Favre will get it in the 4th
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: 4th Quarter of the probowl maybe
Ok Randall, You Win: Lol whatever makes u feel better
Ok Randall, You Win: You know the people who talk are the ones who are worried.
Ok Randall, You Win: Its like an oral fixation that calms their nerves
Ok Randall, You Win: Something like biting nails, sucking thumbs... Etc
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: That's something losers made up to feel better about their loser/timidness
Ok Randall, You Win: U call it timid, I call it confident and relaxed.
Ok Randall, You Win: U ever see the bosses talking constantly? Noooooo...
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Is that what they teach you in college?
Ok Randall, You Win: In my psychology courses
Ok Randall, You Win: Psychoanalyzing ur trash talkin
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: As long as it helps you cope with losing
Ok Randall, You Win: I still haven't gotten over the loss to the chargers. But the packers winning will begin my healing process.
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Ur the common demoninator in all this losing
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Punt # 2
Ok Randall, You Win: I already falsified ur theory
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Eli's about 2 falsify your theory on this drive
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: 6-0
Ok Randall, You Win: Can we get to the second half first??
Ok Randall, You Win: Geez at ur mouth!
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: "Can we get to the 2nd half first?"" -whiny voice
Ok Randall, You Win: Pretty much. If we were in the same room... I'd be at the bar down the street by now.
Ok Randall, You Win: Soooo? What were u saying?
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Oh ur back from the bar down the street already?
Ok Randall, You Win: I knooowwwww u seeee it
Ok Randall, You Win: I knowwwwww u seee it
Ok Randall, You Win: No, I'm callin u from the bar
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Su​perbowl XLII: Patriots Vs. Packers: U ever see the bosses talking constantly? Noooooo...
Ok Randall, You Win: Only when we win
Ok Randall, You Win: Like get a huge shipment from columbia...
Ok Randall, You Win: Or kill the rival boss
Ok Randall, You Win: 90 yards boo! 90 yards! What has ur giants done for u lately?
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Lol
Ok Randall, You Win: Omg... u see that cracckkkkk
Ok Randall, You Win: Sportscenter top 10 worthy
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: You have a lil fiesty mouth on you don't cha
Ok Randall, You Win: :)
Ok Randall, You Win: Sometimes
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Punt #3
Ok Randall, You Win: So quiet
Ok Randall, You Win: ;)
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Giants!!!!!!!!!!!
Making Super Bowl Party Plans!: Owwwwwwwwwwwww!

Shit talking vs Candy on E-Mail

From: Sickamore Sent: Sun 1/20/2008 10:20 PM
To: Candy

You just made the blog!!!!!

Sickamore's E-Mail appears courtesy of his Sickberry

From: Sickamore Sent: Sun 1/20/2008 10:14 PM
To: Candy
Subject: Re: !!!!!!

Tynes for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sickamore's E-Mail appears courtesy of his Sickberry

----- Original Message -----
From: Candy
To: Sickamore
Sent: Sun Jan 20 19:12:16 2008
Subject: Re: !!!!!!

Omfg!!!! I can't even say anything but you win.
Candy Ann

-----Original Message-----
From: "Sickamore"

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 19:10:36
To: Candy
Subject: Re: !!!!!!

We got this!
The Giants play in New York!
LA don't even got a team!!
You're a jinx!
Go watch golf!
Paypal my 50!

Sickamore's E-Mail appears courtesy of his Sickberry

----- Original Message -----
From: Candy
To: Sickamore
Sent: Sun Jan 20 19:04:34 2008
Subject: Re: !!!!!!

Tynes is the man! I love that guy
Candy Ann

-----Original Message-----
From: "Sickamore"

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 19:05:16
To: Candy
Subject: Re: !!!!!!

Eli did it b4 and he'll do it again

Sickamore's E-Mail appears courtesy of his Sickberry

----- Original Message -----
From: Candy
To: Sickamore
Sent: Sun Jan 20 18:57:05 2008
Subject: Re: !!!!!!

------Original Message------
From: Randall Medford
To: Candy
Sent: Jan 20, 2008 6:57 PM
Subject: !!!!!!

Sickamore's E-Mail appears courtesy of his Sickberry

Candy Ann


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Saturday, January 19, 2008
Fila Copyright Infridgement
Shout to Sean Collins, Trav and DJ Steph Floss for the expose'


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Thursday, January 17, 2008
Are You A 'Workaholic"?
A good entry to read by Seth Godin on your corporate takeover mission. Do you just go to work or are you a "workaholic"? If the blogging on vacation means you're a workaholic, then I'm guilty as charged.


A workaholic lives on fear. It's fear that drives him to show up all the time. The best defense, apparently, is a good attendance record.

A new class of jobs (and workers) is creating a different sort of worker, though. This is the person who works out of passion and curiosity, not fear.

The passionate worker doesn't show up because she's afraid of getting in trouble, she shows up because it's a hobby that pays. The passionate worker is busy blogging on vacation... because posting that thought and seeing the feedback it generates is actually more fun than sitting on the beach for another hour. The passionate worker tweaks a site design after dinner because, hey, it's a lot more fun than watching TV.

It was hard to imagine someone being passionate about mining coal or scrubbing dishes. But the new face of work, at least for some people, opens up the possibility that work is the thing (much of the time) that you'd most like to do. Designing jobs like that is obviously smart. Finding one is brilliant.


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Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincy, Indy, Chi-Town, Mia...

My itinerary for the next 7 days:

Thursday - New York
Friday - Buffalo
Saturday - Cleveland
Sunday - Cincinnati
Monday - Indianapolis
Tuesday - Chicago
Wednesday - New York
Thursday - New York
Friday - Miami
Saturday - Miami

Why you ask? Meeting with DJs of course. Records don't get broken by themselves. If I'm in your city, please give me a shout.

My multi city survival pack:
MacBook (need the AIR!)
LV Planner
Getting Things Done on CD
Millionaire Traders
Catch Me If You Can DVD

My Knicks Jacket (3 In A Row!!!)
Cigar Case
Thug Motivation 101, The Inspiration, Can't Ban The Snowman & Trap Or Die
10 White Brooks Brothers Oxford Shirts
11 Pairs of Sneakers

What are some of the sites to see in these cities? Anything I should be looking out for? People I should meet? Artists/Producers to see? Let a brother know.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
7 Things You Must Not Know Bout Me
I've been tagged by Necole Bitchie to share 7 details about my life. Then I have to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same thing. The whole thing is very gay. But I like the calling other people out part.

Tag n!gga!: Black Esquire, Marvelous Mo, Estelle, Janice aka Miss B, lissa the go to girl, Jay Peso, DJ Main Event

Rules: Simply link to the person who has tagged you, share seven weird things about yourself, tag seven bloggers to do the same and include a link to their blog, let each person know that they have been tagged and finally post the rules on your blog.

1. I'm A Lush

During the day, I'm a mild mannered Trinidadian-American who sips tangerine frappachinos and wears funny hats (like today). But at night, I secretly go to clubs, drinks bottles, get twisted out of my mind and dub on everyone (pause)!

Mels Bday

2. Shyne is one of my all-time favorite rappers


He's not lyrical. He raps about sniffing coke. And he put out two pretty average albums. But his voice, cockiness, bravado and overall cooless (pause to this whole sentence) made him one of my favorites. I bought both Shyne and Godfather Buried Alive. Whenever he comes out of jail, he has a deal as long as I still have signing power. And if I didn't, I would just make him re-famous.

3. Wanna Make Me Mad?
Put DJ Sickamore or Sycamore
It makes me violently angry to the point I want to stab a intern to death. I get mad at everyone but Necole. It's impossible to get mad at her SEXY self.

4. Walker Not A Talker
I like to walk for hours on end and observe people. I usually just slip on my iPod, press play on a audiobook (currently listening to Getting Things Done) and notice trends/women/cars/stupid people/restaurants/fashion. You'd be surprised who you bump into and what you learn about life doing this.

5. It took me 2 1/2 hours on and off to write this blog

6. The Rihanna Obsession
It started off as a joke. Now I really search for these pics and get excited when the music comes on. A mutual friend showed her the blog and she asked if I was paparazzi.

7. Hate Cats
But this is my favorite commercial ever


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My BFF Put Me In Her Top 8
Yep, she loves me too dora

Top 8


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Monday, January 14, 2008
Dude, Where's My Blackberry?

Left it at the barbershop today. Luckily my 65 year old Ecuadorian hair slicer stashed it for me. I'm the worst.


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Jordan Year: Week 2 Review
My Personal Review Of The Last 7 Days (1/7 - 1/13)

Favorite Quote
"If we are to survive, we must have ideas, vision, and courage. These things
are rarely produced by committees. Everything that matters in our
intellectual and moral life begins with an individual confronting his own
mind and conscience in a room by himself."

-Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

Thank Tarik for finding that

Daily Regiment
6 Wins. 1 Loss.
Overall Record: 8-5

Bunch of big things popped and little things stopped this week. I'm really starting to balance this "family and friends vs work" thing. When you write everything down, it shows how proportionate (or disproportionate) your priorities really are. Happy birthday Tracy, Candy, Mel and Monica! Congrads to my big sister on getting married. My friend is recovering quickly from rehab. I even got to have a conversation with my mother and my father together. We took a picture. Only our second picture together in 23 years. The first one I was about 6 months old.

In the "What I've Learned" blog, I said that "it’s scary how one bad decision can last the rest of your life". Tony Romo is that quote personified. He was in Cabo instead of studying game film and made no excuses about it. Now a guy who's making $11 million annually, going to the pro bowl and dating a superstar singer will be remembered this off season (and until he wins a playoff game) as a choker. Moral of the story? Go to Cabo AFTER you win.

So for the next 32 days, there will be no drinking or partying for me. Got some big plans that I need to prepare for. All the holidays and birthdays are out the way. No Romo here.

Fantasy Basketball
I know I promised not to check it until today, but I couldn't help myself. I'm addicted. And it's gotten to the point where I Can Make You Second and Ralph don't even write me back. They're losing that bad. It's no fun when the rabbit has a gun, is it?

----- Original Message -----
From: Sickamore
To: Ralph
Cc: I Can Make You Second
Sent: Tue Jan 08 21:13:20 2008
Subject: The Dibugnara Trade List

Another slaughter 2night. I'm going to continue helping you guys until somebody cuts the lead under 400 points. Let's start with trading the following people 2night:

CJ Miles - I don't care if he's starting. He sucks. And worse, his name is CJ. What is he 12?

Sebastian Telfair - For the love of god! Why do you guys refuse to trade him? Do you need him to get another gun charge before you make a move?

Francisco Garcia - What's up with Ralph picking these wack players with gay ass names? Francisco? Sebastian? CJ? Jamario? I see a trend

Jamario Moon - Hahahahahahaha! Bought em to make $ and backfired like crazy

Bonzi Wells - How do you pick up a Tracy Mcgrady replacement who doesn't even start?!

James Jones - This makes as much sense as the Knicks picking Fredrick Weis a few years back. The Blazers barely even play!

Yi Jianlian - See Jamario

----- Original Message -----
From: Sickamore
To: Ralph
Cc: I Can Make You Second
Sent: Thu Jan 10 15:32:39 2008
Subject: Couldn't Help Myself

I just peaked @ Sporting News....Ralph just sucks but you Michael I'm disappointed've just given up...thrown in the towel.....what happened to "its a long season"?

Don't worry tho....Baseball starts April can get your revenge there

From: Sickamore
To: Ralph
Cc: I Can Make You Second
Sent: Sun Jan 13 06:50:08 2008
Subject: The Excuse

"If I spent the same amount of time on fantasy basketball, I'd be #1 too"

That's the excuse that gets you to sleep at night. Truth is, if both of you quit your job, moved to West Virginia with Phil Jackson and only League Pass, ESPN and a MacBook to work on Fantasy Basketball 18 hours a day, I'd still be #1.

Because I'm just better. I'm the iPod, you're the Zune. I'm Goldman Sachs, you're Citigroup. I'm a blackberry, you're a sidekick. I'm the Giants, you're the Cowboys. I'm Godfather 1 + 2, you're Godfather 3. I'm Esquire, you're Details.

Enjoy the Miami sun, stay far away from your account and pick up a new hobby. Just send in your SportingNews passwords and these emails will stop

Ralph you have a lot going for you. New job, marriage on the horizon. You don't need this time waster. You should try fantasy boxing

The Shine box # is still @ 1000


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Sunday, January 13, 2008
4:32am Yellow Cab Flow

4:32am yellow cab home. Random thoughts flow. This blog was inspired by Ferris Bueller and the good folks of No Days Off.

Bosses wear ties, smoke cigars and shaved facial hair

My first residence in this country was 2285 Sedgwick Avenue. Coincidence? I think not

Cab don't want to stop for you? Sneak up on his ass at the light and just jump in. Surprise nigga!

If you're reading this before 6am on a Sunday morning, you're going to be successful in life

50 Cent needs to make a remix to "Get Low"

It takes not being drunk in a club to realize how stupid everybody acts.

The post-club diner game in NYC is wack. Cafe Yaffa? Too weird? Cafeteria? Too Hollywood. Coffee Shop? Closes too early. 7A? Too hipster. Chelsea diner? Too ghetto. Pop Burger? Too little space. That diner on 23rd and 2nd? See Chelsea. I wonder what time iHop downtown BK closes? Shout out to Don Pooh

I'm going to create an imaginary friend named Jerry. He'll be like the guy in Mr. Brooks. But he won't tell me to kill people.

Awal Dawood. Taxi 6L58. License # 5162047. If I die tonight, it's because of his crazy ass

Why piss in your own elevator or spit on your own floor? Why don't you just cut your own face?

Your team scored 114 points and your dumb ass only had 7? What is hell is you Mo Williams?!?! What the hell is you?!?!?!

I'm beating I Can Make You Second by 940 points. Beating Ralph by 724. I'm beating their whole family combined by about a perfect SAT score.

If anyone out there sees Wynter, pleeeease ask her to give me back my camera. Pls pls pls pls pls!

5:09am. Good night and good luck


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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Dare To Prepare A Meatball Sundae
Racking my brain around this business plan, so I bought two books to help me get some ideas out of this 7 7/8 New Era cap holder.

One is the newest release from one of my favorite authors (and bloggers) Seth Godin called Meatball Sundae. "A meatball sundae is described as the unfortunate result that comes from mixing two really good business ideas".

Dare To Prepare is buy "expert negotiator, sports agent, attorney, educator, author, and civic leader" Ron Shapiro. It's all about preparation.
Dare 2 Prepare

I'll read both over the next 2 weeks and leave a review.


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Blog Report 1/10/08
Obama Rallies The People In Jersey City

Lil Wayne Talks Carter III Details

Lupe On Travis Smiley

New Missy....Whoopty Doo

2 Men Use Dead Man To Cash Check

Soulja Boy Supersoaks His Way Into History

Nike SB Patchwork Collection
Nike Jacket

Air Jordan 5 x Air Jordan 1 Fusion
Air Jordans


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Cassie Borrows Lupe's Jacket For Clue's B'Day
Guess I missed the black-pleather-jacket-with-the-wrap-around-collar memo. Who rocked it better?


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Neako Doesn't Have To Quit His Day Job

Neako gets great reviews on Sirius Radio's The Cipha Sounds Experience. The name of the segment was Don't Quit Your Day Job.


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
There are some of us that love sluts...Part 2
At first I was mad at Reggie. "She's a pornstar!" I screamed. Why wife up this Paris Hilton knockoff?

Then I saw this picture and understood fully. My apologies Mr. Bush. Play on playa.

Reggie's Bush


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Prodigy Vs Saigon featuring Sickamore
saigon sick
*19 year old Sick circa 2004 @ Club Spirit. Sidekick 1 Status

I remember this night. It was Saigon, me and like 1 other person vs 50 Queensbridge guys. 2004. Good times! Read the whole article on allhiphop

So Alchemist’s brother had a birthday party after that at a bar, a little private function. Me and my man, I had this big ass nine on my waist. I always keep a gun on me. I’m just chilling, I ain’t starting no problems with nobody, it’s my man’s birthday, we chilling. Who come up in the club, Saigon. He sees us and comes straight to me. “Yo P, I love Mobb Deep son, it ain’t no problem son, I was bugging, I don’t know what I was thinking about. I love Mobb Deep, it’s nothing.” I’m looking at this n****, You know what son, I’ve said some crazy s**t in my life before, don’t even sweat it. He’s like, Nah, you don’t understand, I’m a fan. I’m like, It’s aight son, don’t even stress it. He keep going on son, and my man said, “Shut the f*** up yo.” He stopped and looked at my man, he just walked out the club. That s**t was funny son (laughs). That was the funniest s**t ever, I’m surprised Saigon didn’t start laughing. But he just walked outside the club. So I said We can’t let him walk out the club like that, now we got to follow him like what the f*** you going to get.

Now we go outside and I hear my man arguing like f*** that, they arguing back and forth. I’m telling him, I’m pushing son like yo forget it, telling my man to forget it. Now I walk away from these n****s, like these n****s bugging. All the time I had the hammer on my waist like I said, but I’m not even thinking about that. I’m just chilling letting these ni***s argue. So I’m like come on, so my man comes and we walking off. Now there were popping more s**t now, it was somebody else with him, I think DJ Sickamore or some other people and then they were amping him up a little bit. So I walked over to Saigon, I walked close to him. I’m like son look, forget it about son, forget about it. He’s like “Nah your man bugging.” His arms are swinging close to where my sh*t is at. So I kind of grabbed his arm and let him touch that s**t like, Son go home. I’m not even like that, I don’t even get down like that. I carry a gun for self defense, if I see it’s going to be a problem then it’s going to be a problem. When I see this n**** it’s not a problem.


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Life After (Fantasy) Basketball
jordan cigar
This isn't fair anymore. My team's worth 7 million more than the second place guy. And this week is going to be a slaughter. I made 3 trades that make the Patriots look like a junior high cheer leading squad. The brothers in my league don't stand a chance. There will be blood.

But I had an epiphany today. Someone asked me if I'm still in 1st place. I said yes by 680 points. They go "Oh my god! Why are you even still playing? I can't fun to be winning by that much!".

She's wrong about the fun, because it brings be great joy to torture and taunt these guys. But why am I still playing? What am I going to do, win by 1000? There must be better ways to spend my time. It's like Jordan after his 3rd championship.

That being said, I vow not to look at fantasy basketball until Monday. All my players have 4 or more games this week. All are putting up gaudy numbers. I really don't need to monitor my team closely.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to still watch sports. Though when the urge comes to look at the site, I'll just do something else that's more constructive. Maybe finish John Gotti's biography Mob Star, re-read Audacity Of Hope or start Millionaire Traders. Work on my business plan. Make some extra producer phone calls or respond back to the bottomless pit of myspace messages. This will dramatically increase my real life "win/lose" ratio.

Maybe the guys will even catch up a little. Get the score underneath 400. They always swagger jack my players anyway, so I'll give 'em a sneak peak at my starting line-up.

G - Mo Williams
G - Jason Richardson
G - Jose Calderon
G - Richard Hamilton

F - Gerald Wallace
F - Steven Jackson
F - Paul Pierce
F - Antonio Mcdyess

C - Brendan Haywood
C - Sean Williams (Nets)

See you on Monday team. Coach is taking a much needed vacation.


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