Tuesday, October 16, 2007
"You Aint Gonna Announce My Afterparty?!?!?!?!"

All Dwayne "Hove" McKenzie gets is Rodney Dangerfield.

First he's robbed in August for 50's, I mean his $100,000 chain in front of a club. The judge felt bad for Hove so they didn't prosecute, just took away his gun license. Then October 10th, McKenzie argues with a Hartford promoter at a different club over a after party shout-out. Assumably still angry over the summer mugging, he (allegedly) pistols whips the promoter and tells him to "call the cops," before getting into his SUV and speeding off. Four days later, 5-0 "stopped McKenzie in downtown Hartford on an unrelated weapons charge", search his 2007 Cadillac Escalade and find 2 guns. He appeared in court yesterday on some T.I.-ish charges.

McKenzie's lawyer, Gerald M. Klein, was even dumbfounded: "I am surprised. I thought he was going to be a one-shot client. He did not have a criminal record and had one year of college," Klein told the Hartford Courant.

Free Clifford, Hove, Earl Simmons, Tiny, Bandana P, Cam'Ron (where ever he is), Shyne........


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