Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Life After (Fantasy) Basketball
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This isn't fair anymore. My team's worth 7 million more than the second place guy. And this week is going to be a slaughter. I made 3 trades that make the Patriots look like a junior high cheer leading squad. The brothers in my league don't stand a chance. There will be blood.

But I had an epiphany today. Someone asked me if I'm still in 1st place. I said yes by 680 points. They go "Oh my god! Why are you even still playing? I can't fun to be winning by that much!".

She's wrong about the fun, because it brings be great joy to torture and taunt these guys. But why am I still playing? What am I going to do, win by 1000? There must be better ways to spend my time. It's like Jordan after his 3rd championship.

That being said, I vow not to look at fantasy basketball until Monday. All my players have 4 or more games this week. All are putting up gaudy numbers. I really don't need to monitor my team closely.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to still watch sports. Though when the urge comes to look at the site, I'll just do something else that's more constructive. Maybe finish John Gotti's biography Mob Star, re-read Audacity Of Hope or start Millionaire Traders. Work on my business plan. Make some extra producer phone calls or respond back to the bottomless pit of myspace messages. This will dramatically increase my real life "win/lose" ratio.

Maybe the guys will even catch up a little. Get the score underneath 400. They always swagger jack my players anyway, so I'll give 'em a sneak peak at my starting line-up.

G - Mo Williams
G - Jason Richardson
G - Jose Calderon
G - Richard Hamilton

F - Gerald Wallace
F - Steven Jackson
F - Paul Pierce
F - Antonio Mcdyess

C - Brendan Haywood
C - Sean Williams (Nets)

See you on Monday team. Coach is taking a much needed vacation.


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