Monday, January 7, 2008
Jordan Year: Week 1 Review

My Personal Review Of The Last 7 Days

What I've Learned This Week: Just Keeping On Going

Daily Regiment
My assistant got me a leather Louis Vuitton daily planner for my birthday. I've come up with a strategy to make my life more like sports. At the end of each day, some up what was actually accomplished and mark it in the planner as a "win" or a "loss". It a depends on how productive I was that day. From Jan 1 to Jan 6, my record is 2 wins and 4 losses. Will keep you posted as the year goes on.

There Will Be Blood, The Great Debaters
great debaters

Both movies were great in their own way. Denzel and Daniel Day are two of the greatest actors today.

"Bastard in a basket! Bastard in a basket!" (TWBB) and "Do what you have to do to do what you want to do" (TGD) are my favorite quotes from There Will Be Blood and The Great Debaters, respectively.

Believe it or not, the cab dispatcher calls me on Saturday to announce they "found" my blackberry. It's bittersweet, seeing I already shelled $345 out on a new one. I'll just pick it up and keep the extra as a back-up right? No. Not that easy.

First the cabbie brings it back, only to take it back with him again. They'll let me know when he re-drops it off. Why the hell didn't you make him leave the phone?!?!?! He's the one who stole it in the first place!

Sunday hits and still no blackberry. I decdided to just pop up down there on Smith Street to see what's happening. The guy (different from Saturday) looks through the drawer and can't find it. He calls his boss (aka his mom) and she tells him it's there. Now my blackberry is lost again.

It's like having a kid go missing. You search for a while, then declare her dead after sometime. All of a sudden the cops tell you they found her. But when you get down to the precinct, they don't know where she went. Just fucked up.

Called at 2:20pm today. They told me to call after 4:30pm and speak to Mrs Black (aka Mom) about it. It's just retarded. I'll call back then and keep you posted.

Fantasy Basketball

I'm beating the closes competitor (Ralph) by 550. I Can Make You Second is about to find his way into fourth. The next 3 months should be smooth sailing.

Here's some trash talking highlights:

From: Sickamore
To: I Can Make You Second
Cc: Ralph
Sent: Sun Dec 30 07:57:26 2007
Subject: 3rd

you're not even #1 in your own family...3d place in a family of second're like Charles O'Bannon.....Ralph's Mario, You're Luigi.....Donny Whalberg.....Matty Alou....Jeb Bush....Marcus Vick....Eli Manning....Daniel Or William Baldwin (pick one).....Casey Affleck....Eric Marbury....Gene Gotti.....Ozzie Canseco....Jeremy Giambi.....Solange Knowles.....Ramon Martinez....Tito Jackson....Ted Kennedy.....Marlon Wayans.....Ashlee Simpson.... Janice Soprano....Theo Cosby....Jamie Lynn Spears....

And don't get any ideas Ralph....your shine box number is still @ 1000....and your over half way there....when you hit 1000, ima get it goldplated with your name engraved

From: Sickamore
To: I Can Make You Second
Cc: Ralph
Sent: Mon Dec 31 08:24:14 2007
Subject: I Wonder Who's In Second Today?

Is it Ralph? Is it Casey? Is it Hip Hop?

It's always interesting to see how's fighting the good fight for 1st place loser

New Years Resolution/Prediction: I will be in 1st place every day for the reason of the season WITHOUT EVER using Dwight Howard*

*Bar me getting hit with by a mack truck or picking up Sebastian Telfair

From: Sickamore
To: I Can Make You Second
Cc: Ralph
Sent: Thu Jan 03 07:12:07 2008
Subject: Taking Turns

What are you 2 playing give-n-go with second place? Ralph's been right all season, I did get bored...I'm ahead by too much. I'll start helping you brother's out

Some Advice:

-Sell high on Sebastian before you bleed money on him like Moon
-u could get both Charlotte wingmen for the overvalued Dwight Howard
-You'll never catch up until you guys get ur worth up. Stop holding onto these guys for so long
-Craig Smith, Yi + CJ Miles suck

From: Sickamore
To: I Can Make You Second
Cc: Ralph
Sent: Sat Jan 05 02:16:41 2008
Subject: Saving Private Dibugnara

Last night was the beach scene

Bronx Tale: "Now you's can't leave"

American History X teeth on the curb

American Gangster 20% In The Jar

300 kickin the Persian "this is sparta!"

Hostel flame throwing the eyeball

Godfather prize horse in your bed

Training Day machine gunning Alonzo

I went to 2 Cigar bars last week. Circa Tabac and Velvet. Needless to say my Camacho Triple Maduro fixes will be taken care of in these spots.

I tried to check and answer back (when warrented) every myspace message received in 2008. I got through about 80%. The issue becomes follow up. There's never a end to the messsages people send you. "Just liste to my page...5 minutes". That turns into "I got 2 more songs and "What can I do next" then a sob story etc. The5 mins turned into an hour. But I've also linked with some good people. So it's worth it.

Wasn't big on politics until Obama won in Iowa. Now I'm watching every debate, reading every article and researching every issue. Tarik told me about it a while ago, and I even read half of Audacity Of Hope on a plane, but that's not what swung me around.

It was this speech.


posted by Sickamore @ 2:03 PM  
  • At Jan 7, 2008, 3:43:00 PM, Blogger CMoney said…

    Damn son. Hope you get your Blackberry back. Granted you have a new one, but it's still your property & it should be returned to you.

  • At Jan 7, 2008, 4:46:00 PM, Anonymous Good Life said…

    Its funny. That speech is what got me into Barack as well. Im donating the maximum to his campaign

  • At Jan 7, 2008, 6:21:00 PM, Anonymous Necole Bitchie said…

    I'd die if i lost my blackberry because i've been procrastinating for too long on syncing that bad boy.

    off topic: Where in the heck am I. I thought i was coming over to e-stalk Sycamore but I think i rolled up in someone else's crib *joking*

    Love the new look

  • At Jan 8, 2008, 4:35:00 PM, Anonymous Stack Morris said…

    that was a heck of a speech. especially the last 2 minutes.

  • At Mar 12, 2013, 2:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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