Monday, July 28, 2008
Blog Report 7/28/08
Articulate - Mr Carter (Dedication to Fathers)
via Me
Download HERE

Ludacris Gangsta Grizzillz
via Mikey McFly

Ciara's Coming Back For Rih Rih's Spot
via SmartenUpNas

I Love This Girl Chanta Patton...No Berg
via 2 Dope Boyz

Officer Ross' Amusement Park
via ItsTheReal

Rick Ross' Land of Make Believe from jeff on Vimeo.

Plies Not Going To Jail Until Recently = Not Real? GTFOH!
via Hip Hop DX


posted by Sickamore @ 12:07 PM  
  • At Jul 28, 2008, 2:19:00 PM, Anonymous ShamWow said…

    That girl kind of looks like Scary Spice...

    I'm not too familiar with Plies music...does he rap about living the hood fabulous life or something? Or selling dope?

  • At Jul 28, 2008, 2:37:00 PM, Blogger darien paul said…

    Everyone in or from Florida knows Plies is not a goon. His brother is the goon. He just raps about it. kinda like story telling..

  • At Jul 28, 2008, 3:30:00 PM, Blogger orange said…

    ross' land of make believe, classic.

  • At Jul 28, 2008, 3:31:00 PM, Anonymous g whizzie said…

    I feel you on Chana Patton. I am feeling her ever since i saw her in that new Ray L video "Stay" That girl is so dangerrrrooooous... lol Get it???

  • At Jul 28, 2008, 4:04:00 PM, Blogger International Foxx said…

    Yeah the whole Plies thing is bullshit! I was going to do a post about it but opted not to. Saying you've been to jail in your lyrics is not half as bad as denying, denying, denying, denying and oh yeah DENYING that you were ever a CO and then pics and state records say other wise. (side eye and a smirk in Officer Roberts' direction)

  • At Jul 28, 2008, 4:30:00 PM, Blogger The Nerd At The Cool Table said…

    That luda tape is crazy....

  • At Jul 29, 2008, 3:25:00 AM, Anonymous Young Global said… gangsta?

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