Monday, November 24, 2008
Jeezy Shot Videos To All My Favorite Recession Songs
I don't remember the last time someone shot videos to every song I loved off of their album.

First he makes "Put On" a single

Then did a look for my ringtone for 2 months, "Vacation"

Young Jeezy [Vaccation] from urban art on Vimeo.

Did "Crazy World" for the election/hood

Shot "My President Is Black" over the weekend

And rumored to have shot the car crashing "Who Dat"

I can now say, without any trepidation, Young Jeezy is my new favorite rapper

What videos would you want your favorite rapper to shoot?

My Vote: Jay-Z "Can I Live". Always wanted a video for that. Also "Blaze A 50"


posted by Sickamore @ 1:47 PM  
  • At Nov 24, 2008, 2:30:00 PM, Anonymous sean beauford said…

    "Pray" - Jay-Z. But a video based off the song. Not that concert thing.

    "Niggas Bleed" - Biggie

    "Last Call" by Kanye... the entire song.

    "Live Now" - Nas

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