Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Miami Shaq & Kobe At It Again + Random Things & Thoughts
"it cost a ball dogg,
Especially when the players on your team,
Consider you as the ball hog.
You treat me like Shaq,
And you Kobe but I didn't say you owe me nigga.
But act like you know me nigga"

-Next Movie Review. Angelina Jolie > Your Fav Bust Is Baby (Sorry Laura)

-Necole FINALLY wrote a personal blog. If she did these once a week, she'd be the biggest blogger on earth

MEET LIL E 360 ('98 Baby)
Lil E 360
Lil E 360
Lil E 30

Meet Lil E 360 from Cleveland, Ohio. He's a late 90s Baby personified. Came across this myspace page when I overheard my home girl at Asylum talking about her 10 year old little brother's freestyle over "A Millie". You know I had to check it out. A 10 year old rhyming over a milly? Going right on the blog! Some facts from Lil E 360

-He has a whole rap about Spongebob
-Doesn't curse
-Plays the drums
-Created his own myspace page (isn't it for 14 years old and older?)

I'll let you judge the music for yourself. But be afraid, the 90's Babies are coming!

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