Thursday, August 7, 2008
Live Blogging XVIBE 15th Aniversary Juice Issue

Its a double sided multi cover issue. So I'll start with the special edition side:

12:24pm: There are 20 pages (!!!) of Rocawear Eveloution ads. Gonna put up one for free. I'm sure some Hova stan will upload all of them. But Rocawear doesn't have any ads here. It's a mix of Jay-Z + Joy Bryant

Diddy article is a snooze fest. Doesn't say anything you haven't heard before. Harlem this, Bad Boy that, 15 years we won't stop. The end

12:31pm: Tyler Perry article is boring. Maybe Eryah Badu has something more interesting to say. Whoa she's 37?! Go Old Head! Besides that, nothing you don't know already

12:36pm: "I started off break dancing..." -Shaq. I dunno why that's so funny to me

12:50pm: White girl Beyonce on originals, "Those who start the trends and break the mold. There are people who I love, but pure originals? Prince. Madonna. I think Kanye..."

12:59pm: T-Pain + Birdman + Teri Woods + Mara Brock Akil + Ice Cube + Funkmaster Flex + Sway = ZzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZzz

1:03pm: 'What's the key to your track record?' "I don't take any shorts. I don't say "Okay, it's good enough". I try to get exactly what I'm hearing in my head to the tape, and I won't let it move until then. In my opinion, some of the hip hop records that come out, people are willing to compromise. I'm not" -Dr. Dre

1:16pm The power of the C-A-S-S-I

1:24pm Ok. This is starting to get boring. Let's go right to the Jay article

1:36pm: I'm glad Vibe got Elliot Wilson to do the article. Only he would bring up Word To The Jaz

1:44pm: "I have a relationship with Bill Clinton. I'm cool with Bill. We've had multiple conversations. He frequents the restaurant that I own. But immediately, it was no problem for me because at the end of the day, race is more important then gender" = Bros over Hoes

1:55pm NahRight posted up the Jay-Z cover + excerpts as well. They're questioning the legitamicy of live blogging a magazine. But you can live blog anything. Hence Twitter. Thats like

2:00pm "I had no intention to talk about the DeShawn Stevenson thing. I seen him beating the shit out of LeBron, and he really couldn't do nothing. I really wanted to inspire LeBron. I sent him the freestyle. The song wasn't to be released. I sent him the song to get him amped up. I do shit like that" . In that case, the Knicks need a double album.

"Any second guessing went away when Dame was participating in the whole beef with Cam'Ron. Regardless, what we built, is still precious. At the end of the day, there's still a respect in that. No matter what! i'm not going to do certain things or say certain things about Dame. That's out of respect for what we've done. I'm not going to go too far. And I just felt like any participation in that, whether you could stop it or not, if you're in the video or you're on the set or you're involved in that, then I pretty much made the right decision because a person that carries that forever will respect that situation." C'mon Jay. You gotta admit this video is pretty funny

3:07pm: I dunno how much I can take Gravy/Biggie thing. But Faith is looking smashable (no berg)

Shocking! A Obama article. Gonna read this one on the run. See if there's anything worth quoting


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