Friday, July 11, 2008
Was Looked At As Russell, In My Past Hustle

Looking back at "Life And Def" this morning for inspiration, I rediscovered one of my quotes and how it's more relevant than ever:

"But at this point in my life I have no interest in being a doormat. There are no managers who are unapproachable, who can't be cursed out by their clients. So with SLBG (interchangeable with The Famous Firm) they call me and ask me to do certain things for them. But I get worried that some of our acts who blow up big will start expecting me to suck their d!*ks. That's not happening. A nigga better not yell at me, 'Where's my limo?". I don't care if he got 12 movies on the line for $20 million a movie. If you call me up and ask for advice or to make a couple of phone calls that'll help further your career, that's fine. But that's all. You'll need to find somebody else to follow you around. For instance, I'd love to manage Chris Tucker because I know exactly what to do with him. But am I gonna follow Chris Tucker around? No. Am I gonna make him read a script that he's supposed to read? No. I'm not sucking nobody's d!*k, and ultimately that's what talent management is all about."

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