Monday, July 7, 2008
Michelle Obama's Applebottom (From Naked With Socks On)
New site I stumbled on this afternoon called "Naked With Socks On". It's done by my boy Anslem Samuel. He claims all Michelle Obama needs now is the boots with the fur, cause the Applebottom is poppin. Check out the whole read below.

Feminist be damned, I'ma speak the truth on this one: Obama's baby (mama) got back. (Yup, I said it and I meant it.) I peeped it from the corner of my eye a long time ago during one of the early debates/conventions, but I thought it was an illusion, a figment of my imagination.

"Nah, the potential next First Lady can't be holdin' like that," I thought to myself. But then, during another Obama victory speech, I had another sighting. Michelle sauntered out and gave her boo a hug and I was like, "I tauwght I taw a booty, Barack." Low and behold, "I did, I did."

Sufferin suckatash, Mrs. Obama got her some lovely lady lumps in them pants suits. SMH. Go 'head, Barack, I ain't mad at ya.

Now I held my tongue on this topic for a while for fear of offending anyone and a backlash from the sisters, but you know what; what's so wrong with the potential First Lady having a lil junk in the trunk? A lil cushion for the potential presidential pushin' after a hard campaign?

(Even Stevie Wonder seen that!)

Absolutely nothing. Not a gotdamn thing at all. So I say hail to the chief and the thickness of his life partner. So the PRESIDENTIAL MILF AWARD 2008 goes to Michelle Obama:

Now let me cease and desist before the damn Secret Service shut my freshly minted blog down....

But fellas chime in on this one, don't Michelle got a lil junk in her trunk?????


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