Monday, June 9, 2008
Lil Wayne Atlantic City Concert Review

Atlantic City, NJ
Boardwalk Hall

So I was front row at Lil Wayne's concert last night in Atlantic City. Still not sure exactly how I ended up here, but who cares. The more opportunities to blog the better. Also trying out this "email your blog" feature in blogger. Writing this in my evil blackberry on the ride back to Brooklyn.

Some guy from Philly named "Milley Milezzz" or something came out and killed it. All the teenage girls were losing their mind. When I asked who he was, this 90s Baby looked at me like I was a giant teletubby. The name of the song is called "I'm On My Bed". I'll imeem it later.

Can't lie, I felt a little stupid in the front row. It's a bunch of 15 year old girls and my tall ass. Kept looking around for the "Catch A Predator" host. Then the jailbait rushed the front when the music started playing. This one chick in front me looked exactly like Raspusha. HOW YOU DOIN! Mike (of The Famous Firm) and 1st Lady El (Murda Mami Capo) were next to me. Then after a short delay, the little one jumped on stage

Performance Order:
"Dey Know Remix"
"Money On My Mind"
"Ima D-Boy"
"Duffle Bag Boy"
"U Aint Know"
"Project Chick"
"The Block Is Hot"
"Hustler Music"
"Got Money" f/ Mack Maine"
"Sky Is The Limit"
"I Feel Like Dying"
"I'm Me"
"In The Club Remix"
Guitar Solo
"Leather So Soft"
"Go DJ"
"Pussy Monster"
"A Millie"
"Stuntin Like My Daddy" f/ Baby
"We Takin Over"
"Pop Bottles" f/ Baby
"I Will Always Love YOU"

Wayne's at his best when he performs his off the wall eclectic drug influenced songs: "I Feel Like Dying", "Pussy Monstor" (pause). He's not a bad guitar player either. Well, not bad for a rapper who has a live guitar tape in the background. Straight Ashley Simponsed it. It was dope that he performed the mixtape classic like "Sky's The Limit" (my gym anthem). Wouldve been nice to see "Cannon" or "It's Me Bitches" as well. I thought the biggest reaction was going to come from "A Millie", but "We Takin Over" had the 90s Babies lose their mind. Overall his energy seemed a little down and performances were quasi-uninspired. He was focused on getting out of there. Kanye should re-structure his routine. A few switches in order and clipping a couple unneccassry songs ("Ima D-Boy") and Birdman Jr's show would be classic.

But you couldn't tell that to those 90s Babies last night. They sang every word to every song. Even before he hit the stage. He's their little big, ya dig.

The Famous Firm

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