Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Marbury: Closer To God But Further From Knicks
Crazy Ass Stephon might be traded. Before you read the article, please watch the youtube to put everything in perspective.

From NY Daily News:

A high-ranking team official told the Daily News that Thomas and Dolan have been in talks in recent days concerning Marbury's future. Knicks brass is considering what options it has to reduce Marbury's role or get rid of him entirely.

A trade is unlikely because Marbury, the team's controversial point guard, is scheduled to earn $42 million over the next two seasons. Dolan's and Thomas' history suggests that they would not rule out negotiating a buyout for Marbury, who then would become a free agent. At the very least, Marbury's minutes could be reduced substantially for as long as he remains on the team.

The Knicks are 2-3 entering tonight's game in Phoenix. Marbury, 30, made the trip west but there is some uncertainty whether he will even play. The Knicks traveled to Phoenix yesterday afternoon and were not available for comment. Attempts to reach Thomas at the team hotel were unsuccessful.

Marbury accepted responsibility for Sunday's loss to Miami after he threw away a pass in the final minute and allowed Heat guard Jason Williams to get open and hit the go-ahead jumper.

However, blaming Marbury for the Knicks' record is unfair, especially since Jamal Crawford had a similarly brutal turnover and has struggled defensively. The same is true of Eddy Curry, who was a nonfactor in back-to-back performances against Orlando's Dwight Howard and Miami's Shaquille O'Neal.

Perhaps Marbury is being set up as the scapegoat in the aftermath of the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment trial. Marbury testified that he once referred to Sanders as a "bitch." It was also revealed during the trial that Marbury, a married father, had an affair with a Garden employee who was a public relations intern at the time.

Also, Marbury made several infamous and bizarre television appearances over the summer that embarrassed the organization. Marbury has maintained a low profile since the start of training camp and has even attempted to extend olive branches to those members of the media that he has feuded with for the past several years.


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