Tuesday, July 22, 2008
They Tried 2 Kill Max B!!!!

So I went to the Max Concert at SOBs. Here's the chronicle of events:

-I walk in
-Take flick with Max
-Go 2 bar
-Couple people walk in
-Those couple people brought about 48 of their closest friends
-They surround Max who's in VIP
-Swizz Beatz song "Where The Cash At" plays
-Things are thrown
-Fight breaks out
-Song stops
-I (along with the whole club) hit the floor
-Night over

Can't get any more detailed then that without dry snitching. But I got confirmation that Max is ok and is making a big announcement tomorrow. Crazy night! Gotta love NYC

Here's an extra treat from the leader of the WAVEment The Nerd At The Cool Table. ANOTHER NEW MAX TAPE! This one's called Wavey Crocket

1.Max B & Big Mike Return Of The Wave (Intro)
2.Max B - American Slore(Ft. Al Pac)
3.Max B - Get Outta Jail (Ft. Al Pac)
4.Max B - Actin Up (Ft. Mall G)
5.Max B - Feel The Wave
6.Max B - Wave Season (Interlude)
7.Max B - World Is Filled
8.Max B - Oh,Oh,Oh
9.Max B - Nike Boots (New Verses)
10.Max B - I Try (Ft. Al Pac)
11.Max B - Won't Go
12.Max B - Stay Off The Surfboards (Interlude)
13.Max B - sh*t On Me
14.Max B - I Don't Wanna
15.Max B - Shut Up bi*ch Swallow (Ft. Al Pace,Mack Mustard)
16.Max B - Gotta Have It(Full Version)
17.Max B - West Coast Wave
18.Max B - Boss Don sh*t
19.Max B - Public Domain 3 (The Album) Comin Soon!!! (Interlude)
20.Max B- Niggaz Done Started Somethin (Ft. Gain Green)
21.Max B - Put You To Sleep
22.Max B - Always Be My bi*ch (Ft. Al Pac,Mack Mustard)
23.Max B- Takin Pictures
24.Max B - Niggaz Aint fu*k Wit Us (Ft. Mitchy Slick)
25.Max B - Million Dolla Baby (Remix) (Ft. Nicki Minaj)
26.Max B - I Just Wanna
27.Max B - Shoutouts

DOWNLOAD HERE courtesy of The Nerd At The Cool Table

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