Sunday, July 6, 2008
Club Dreamz + Sober = This Post
Club Dreamz, Atlanta
Behind DJ Don Cannon on stage behind the booth

-This is gonna be my first sober night in forever. So let's document it
-Lloyd's here in full on MC Shan apparel (fuzzy kangol, cazals) with a million 16 year old look alikes with him
-I see why Vince Young had such a bad season last year. He's too busy poppin bottles. Where do you think Eli is right now? Tom Brady? Alright then
-Wearing a Billionaire Boys Club tee tonight. Don't wear it cause of Pharrell...
-Vince Young just bought out the whole bar for an hour. There's about 1000 people in here. I take back every bad thing I ever said about him
-Ok, maybe 1 shot...its on the Quarterback anyway
-This 50 year old woman just deebowed me for my seat. Wtf is she doing in the club anyway?
- If it wasn't for "Hi Hater", NYC would have no presence
-Bumped into Chingy at Cafe Dupri's. Randommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The Famous Firm

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