Thursday, May 22, 2008
Mango A Go-Go-No-Ho-Mo
Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice
8th Avenue between 22nd & 23rd


I've been having a pretty uneventful day. Besides the normal business as usual (a bunch of calls/e-mails/famous people making), it's been pretty slow. Especially at the new office, where there's no real creature comforts yet. So I yabadabadoo out the door and decide to take a stroll through Chelsea (pause). On my way I pass other appealing spots like Negril (not that hungry), Starbucks (too crowded) and BBQ's (not in the mood). My eyes light up when I hit Jamba Juice. Mango A Go-Go time!

Before ordering, I ask about wireless internet to check out this attachment. The cute cashier politely directs me to the back, also the area to wait for your drinks. Then she ask about a free power boost. "What's the harm in that?" I think.

Eight minutes later I'm bouncing up, down and around the beige walls.

Spinning in the stool. Checking-every-blog-website-email-text-person-clock-shadow-baby-fire-extinguisher-at-a-crack-heads-pace. The only reason I'm writing this blog is to stop me from jumping in the car to do 130mph on the West Side Highway. It should be illegal to power boost and drive.

Pray that I calm down before I touch the wheel :-/


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