Monday, August 25, 2008
New Fantasy Team: Old Head Killers
As a few TGIF long time readers know, I'm a fantasy sports addict. This year Jameel from Eighty81 invited me to his league. He's the reigning champ. But he obviously doesn't know about my decorated past.

Lord forgive him because he knows not what he did...awakened the kid!

We had the draft yesterday. Here's my squad:



Why?: Because that's that DUDE! Plus he's throwing to Bush, Colston, McAllister + Patton. Oww!

RB - Stephen Jackson

Why?: Just signed that new big boy contract! Plus the Madden curse is over.

RB - Thomas Jones

Why?: NY + Megan Good = Got my vote

WR - Wes Welker

Why?: Sleeper pick last year. This year he's everybody's favorite white boy. I know its anti-New Yorkian to have Bostonians on your team. But I'll make an exception.

WR - Donald Driver

Why?: Aaron Rodgers needs a familiar face to throw it too. Why not the old head?

WR - Jerry Porter

Why?: New team. New Money. 1000 yards.

TE - Randy McMichael

Why? This is my sleeper draft pick. Randy is going to be a top 5 TE ext year. Mark my words!


Why?: No Osi? No Strahan? No problem. We didn't become the champions for nothing. THE GIANTS PLAY IN NEW YORK!!!!


Selvin Young - If Thomas Jones starts partying too much, Young is right in there

Aaron Rodgers - The Anti Old Head

Ahmad Bradshaw - Wait til my man come home!

Atwaan Randle El - Anothr Old Head for the bench

Armani Toomer - Can never have enough Giants

Desmond Clark
- Just in case I'm wrong about McMichael

Shaun Alexander
- SOMEONE is gonna give him a chance, and when his stock rises...Ima trade him!


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