Sunday, December 2, 2007
Fathers' Maiden Name?
Wives are getting out of control. First, they want their husbands names. Then they want both names. Now they want new names all together! Or give their husbands their maiden names. Imagine for dad doing that, then filling out a form saying "Father's Maiden Name". This is crazy. Here's some excerpts from today's NY Times:

When the former Katharine Newberry-Gillin, 25, a manager at a Trader Joe’s food store in Osseo, Minn., was engaged last year to Kyle Sommers, also 25, there were many name-change options.

She decided to take the name-change question to the polls. At an online voting page she built at, several dozen friends and family members weighed in on whether she should become just Kate Sommers or Katie Sommerberry-Gillin. Or Katharine Elizabeth Gilnewsom.

She took the advice of many of her survey-takers and added her new husband’s name to her own name, after subtracting the hyphen. Her legal name is now Katharine Newberry Gillin Sommers — Kate N.G. Sommers, for short.

She went to Survey Monkey to pick her last name??? Kyle Sommers is a duck! Here's another story of a husband with no balls:

Kate Talbert, 29, a medical student in Los Angeles, went to two years ago for input about what new name she and her future husband, Brian Denny, 31, should call themselves after their wedding. They had already decided to create a new name, and she needed to figure it out quickly to order the engraved chocolate bars for their wedding guests.

“It was nice to have other people to bounce ideas off of,” she said.

As for her proposed names, “Emerson” made one fellow bride think of “the bald doctor on M*A*S*H.” “Sarana,” said another, would be “difficult to pronounce if someone’s calling you” which might be good, “because you can tell which ones are the telemarketers.”

In the end, Ms. Talbert and Mr. Denny decided on E.E. Cummings’s middle name, Estlin

“I wasn’t hugely attached to my last name,” said the former Mr. Denny, a computer programmer, “and she just couldn’t really see herself as Kate Denny. And taking her name didn’t feel right, either. So we decided to take a new name instead.”

“My dad might’ve been a little sad, but not really,” he added. “My family is pretty open-minded.”


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  • At Dec 2, 2007, 6:12:00 PM, Blogger dj mad wax said…

    men with no balls is right.. and its an outright slap in the face to the countless generations who came before you. it negates having a baby son too... when that boy grows up and wants to search his family history how you gonna explain to him that you were a man with no balls and you said F-- you to your family name...

    a couple at my work did that too.. disgusting

  • At Dec 2, 2007, 10:07:00 PM, Anonymous Jimmy Valentime said…

    Jimmy Valentime

    Leader of the return of the NO MA'AM Movement

    N.ational O.rganization of M.en A.gainst A.mazonian M.asterhood"

    Are you quiting Myspace sick ?

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